Sunday, January 25, 2009



MATRICA is an NGO (registered under Societies Registration act, 1860), conceptualized and led by young, energetic , enthusiastic, educated professionals from fields like Information Technology, Media, Broadcast Engineering and Management etc. All of them have a dream to eradicate problems from society, for a better tomorrow - for human beings as well as all other living creatures – problems regarding global warming, women empowering and child rehabilitation.

Many organizations have been working on these subjects but not a single one has touched the most essential thing of all - the public awareness.

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  1. The name MATRICA is too better to do best. Matrica, the word is related from MATTER. Or, I think derived from MATERIA MEDICA, i.e. a noun (book)which is first used for Medicine.
    Your nice concept will make it better for the senitized world. Only the youth could be does it like innovative. I wish for the best.